Our Mission

Bethlehem Carving Group helps support, maintain, and strengthen the presence of Christianity in the Holy Land, and keep the stories of Jesus Christ alive in three dimensions through the sales of these olive wood handicrafts.

Many of us are unable to travel to the Holy Land for various reasons, which is why our mission is to bring Bethlehem to you. When you purchase one of these beautiful handmade carvings, you bring a little piece of Bethlehem to your home and the homes of your loved ones.

Our Artists

Bethlehem Carving Group artists combine the experience and skills of the old traditions with the innovation and creativity of the new generation.

Our experienced carvers can estimate the age of a particular piece by examining its grain. Very old trees have a dark grain while younger trees exhibit a lighter color.

We are the new generation of dedicated artists who continue to spread the same timeless message of Jesus and his teachings through our art. With humbleness, we are considered among the most skilled carvers in the world and many of our carvings find their way to museums and homes of faith around the world; and now to your home!

Artistic Collection

This collection is the highest quality work done in the Holy Land. These are what we call master pieces.

After the olive tree is trimmed, the branches are kept to dry for a few months inside Bethlehem caves. Caves are ideal to dry the olive wood because the temperatures of the cave stays the same all year round and there is no moisture or humidity so the wood dries without splitting or cracking and becomes ideal for carving.

Once carved, the wood is sanded and coated with a special sealant to protect it and highlight the texture of the grain.  Since olive wood is one of the hardest woods on earth, carvings will easily last a life time and be admired by generations to come.

Global Craft City 2020

The World Crafts Council announced Beit Sahour as the global craftsmanship city for 2020, specifically in the traditional olive wood crafstmanship.

Beit Sahour, also know as the Shepherd’s Field, is a town in the Holy Land, where the angels appeared to our ancestors, the shepherds 2000 years ago.

Our olive wood is heavy, dense, and durable with a distinctive red pigment in its grain. All carvings made of this hard wood have a varying and smooth grain, making every piece extraordinarily unique. It is very difficult to match the grain of two pieces since the pattern is completely hidden in the heart of the wood.

Bethlehem's Root to Peace


Christmas in July

Christmas in July

by Monsignor Brouwers

July 20, 2019

For the past two years, we have enjoyed a touch of Christmas in July when the Bethlehem Carving Group came in July to offer their fine olivewood carved products for sale. From my years of experience in the Holy Land, I know that this is one of the best companies and their carvings are the finest quality.

July 20, 2019 — Adham Qumseya
Woodcarvings Support Bethlehem

Woodcarvings Support Bethlehem

by Melissa Topey

December 24, 2017

WOODSTOCK – – A Palestinian Christian on a recent Saturday before Christmas spent hours in St. John Bosco Catholic Church setting up woodcarvings of a nativity scene, just as he has spent every weekend for the last 15 years.

December 25, 2017 — Adham Qumseya
The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree

The olive tree is called the Sacred Tree because it symbolizes the Holy Land.  It is also called The Peace Tree, Clock of Ages, The Tree of Light, and Tree of Legends. The olive tree represents the Holy Land in all religions. "The olive tree stands as a perfect personification of man's historical memory in the Holy Land. It is the tree with the highest endurance and fruitful capacity. It is the sign of peace between God and mankind."
September 10, 2017 — Peter Qumseya