"Isn't this the carpenter's son?” – Matthew 13:55

Throughout the centuries, the Church in the Holy Land used art to teach the word of Jesus Christ as art became the peoples' ability in spreading the Bible.

The olivewood handicraft art began in Bethlehem in the fourth century following the creation of the Church of the Nativity, which was built on the traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ. At the time, monks taught the handicraft trade of carving olivewood to the local Christian residents. This handicraft art was then passed on from one generation to another and was perfected and mastered with time. Continuing the ancient tradition of beautiful and exquisite olivewood carvings in the Holy Land is a significant method for Christians to maintain their identity.

The artists of Bethlehem Carving Group combine the experience and skills of the old traditions with the innovation and creativity of the new generation.  We are the new generation of dedicated artists who continue to spread the never-changing and never-ending message of Jesus Christ and his teachings through our God-given talent in producing handmade art. With humbleness, we are considered among the most skilled carvers in the world as many of our carvings find their way to museums and homes of faith all around the world, including your home!