"The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops." – Timothy 2:6
Every year, the farmers of the Holy Land pick the olives in the middle of October. During the same season, they prune the branches. The pruning allows the rays of the sun to hit the heart of the tree and the foliage inside.
The pruning of olive trees must be done with a handsaw rather than an electrical tool in order to avoid the generated smoke accompanied by electrical tools, which affect the taste of olives, the olive oil itself, and the tree as a whole.
"Olive tree to us symbolizes life. 2000 years ago, St. Joseph was a carpenter and he used the olive tree for his carpentry. Today, we also use the olive oil from the trees for soap and food. There isn’t anything more beautiful and special for any Christian than a hand carved, ancient olivewood piece of art that is handmade by the remaining Christian community in the Holy Land. "